Online education in India has seen a rapid progress in the recent times, making it one of the most discussed subject in the education domain. It has taken away some of the major limitations of the classroom based education, like location, accessibility, transportation and cost.

Online Education

Millions of students in India every year go to other countries for better education and employment opportunities. If these students could get the same quality education sitting right at their homes, then why would they spend thousands of dollars travelling and studying abroad? Online Education has brought a revolution in the way education is delivered.Online Education in India According to a recent study in a global level online learning program, after the United States, India has been reported to have the second highest number of online course enrollments with more than over 1,55,000 students from the country. Of a total of around 1.2 million students worldwide, 32% are from the U.S while 15% are from India. These students now have access to the best courses from all around the globe to be skilled in these domains. A number of renowned universities are now offering online distance education, bringing world class instructors and professors to educate the students. Courses like MBA, MSc, MCA, BA (Hons), Executive MBA, Retail and Digital Marketing can all be taken up online Importance As to every debate, both supporting and denying opinions co-exist in this regard. One opinion states that even though online education is progressing, it cannot be a substitute to classroom learning, while the other one supports and accepts the benefits and significance of Online Education. The second opinion alone has influenced the outlook towards the traditional education system.

  • The best part about online education is that the students in India are enthusiastic about this concept. They want to prove their skills and capabilities while learning in an advanced and interactive environment. Online education has taken away the geographical and financial barriers for receiving quality education.
  • Increase in employment is another important aspect of this revolution. With Online Education, skillful trainers and teachers can expand their reach. Students in India can receive education by the top notch professors and instructors in the world.
  • Online Education provides professionals with the flexibility to improve and update their skill set while working simultaneously. This helps them in staying updated about the existing advancements and technologies. Online education serves to be a time saving and cost effective procedure for any career.

The quality of education and the overall learning experience will see tremendous improvement with Online Education. Future A majority of students in India aspire to make a career in the IT and business domain. The most important aspect of online education is — No Restrictions . Students from all backgrounds can enroll for online courses. The rate of registrations for online courses is increasing exponentially and the reason behind this rise can be credited to the technological progress with respect to internet, software and digital devices for accessing information. Taking into the account the talent and the population of India, Distance Education has a very promising future in the country and the expectations of the students are quite high. Many business competitors have foreseen the scope of this rising industry and are therefore planning to enter the online education sphere.