Workshops are extremely important in a school environment to promote pupils’ wellbeing and increase awareness of topics.  After a successful workshop you will discover just how enjoyable learning about new ideas and processes can be, but more importantly, you will have gained knowledge that could instantly set you apart from the crowd. Moreover, you will be able to take what you learned back to your peers and pass along that knowledge.

If the workshop is recurring or follows more of a class-type layout, it’s entirely possible to learn something new. Even if it’s not designed for teaching, it does not make an educational experience impossible. For example, a pottery course may have you using a type of clay you’ve never experimented with before. A choir could introduce you to new keys you haven’t sung in yet. It ties in with the different points of view, to some extent, as others may have more experience with the skill or topic in question.

When you have an audience, you’re more driven to complete your project. Being part of a workshop is great for providing such motivation as it’s a promise someone else will view your work. Again, if the meetup is held multiple times and additional content is expected each time, it’s all the more incentive to create more. It’s not a surefire way to fight creative block, but it can certainly help.

It can be difficult to get your work out there without an agent of some kind. Workshops can help you gain exposure by introducing new ways to publish or otherwise showcase your work. The leader of the group may know of a magazine looking for new content writers, for instance. Your fellow attendees may also have opportunities to share with the group, making it especially worthwhile to bond with others.

We can organize workshops on following Concerns

*** National Testing Agency ( NTA ) – online Entrance Exam platform for NEET, JEE, UGC-NET, Management

*** Career Guidance

*** Competitive Exam of Govt Recruitment

*** Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Programmes

*** Online Learning Management for students (LMS)

*** National Olympiad Exam for school students

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*** Introduction to Drone and Its Uses

Top 10 Drones

*** Robotics

***Artificial Intelligence

*** Solar Technology

*** Hygiene and Health

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